Looking for a new way to bring attention to your product or brand? Acting green these days is not only a good thing, it is also very trendy. Eating healthily and organically is becoming ever more important, and the vegetable garden is getting increasingly popular. Whereas 20 years ago we all seemed to love junk food, now we want to eat healthy food. And who wouldn’t want to be associated with this green lifestyle?

gepersonaliseerd zadenzakje ooms

If you’re looking for a green attention grabber, then you can’t go wrong with Promozaad. Why? For these reasons:

  • It is original
  • It is useful promotional material
  • It is inexpensive


Compared with the key rings and coffee mugs that your competitors hand out, you will really stand out with Promozaad. Promozaad is not at all like a key ring, lighter or coffee mug. It is an original way of attracting attention to your products, brand or company. And the more original the promotion, the better potential customers will remember you.

Promozaad is useful

Promozaad is fun not only at the moment you give it to someone, but also afterwards. Whereas a flyer ends up in the rubbish bin, a key ring at the back of the drawer and a coffee mug probably hidden on the top shelf in the kitchen, you can actually do something with Promozaad, namely planting. The promotion does not stop once the seeds begin to grow. When the plants start to emerge, the customer will think of you once more.


You can already order promo packets for a small price. And so at a low cost you have original, fun and, above all, green promotional material available to give to your customers.

It is very much ‘in’ these days to promote your brand in a green manner. Not only will you be happy with this, but also the person receiving the Promozaad. After all, they can grow an attractive plant or flower.