Professional Seed Trade

If you’re looking for an original gift for your company that is in keeping with the world of today, then you have come to the right place. We have various promotional gifts available for you to choose from. For each product we have a standard model from our own range, but if you’re looking for an original and personalised promotional gift, that is also possible. We can produce and deliver your promotional gifts also for large orders.

zadenzakje bijenmengsel gepersonaliseerd
blik fijnspar zaden

We have various possibilities for green promotional gifts, such as:

  • Sluis Garden seed sachets
  • Standard premium sachets
  • GreenGifts
  • Seed bags for the bottle neck
  • Promozaad

And many, many more products. You can find these products on our website. For more information on the custom-made promotional gifts, you are welcome to contact us free of any obligation.

If you are looking for an original promotional gift, you can’t go wrong with the green promotional gifts of Promozaad. Why? For the following reasons:

  • With a green promotional gift you give a friendly gift
  • A green promotional gift fits in with today’s world
  • A green promotional gift holds the attention longer

A green promotional gift is an original way to thank, congratulate or offer your condolences to your customers. There is no occasion where a green promotional gift would be inappropriate. This is thanks to the green character of the gift itself, which makes it a natural gift.


A gift is always meant to be kind. But not every gift is well thought out and personal. A promotional gift easily becomes a "standard" gift, but with a green promotional gift you really have something unique in your hands.

Fit in with today’s world

Anyone who thinks green keeps up with modern times. The environment, our health and living environment receive a lot of attention nowadays, and green thinking is in the center of this all. A green promotional gift is therefore completely relevant in these time. You are always in the right place this way.

Holds attention longer

A green promotional gift grows and flourishes. This way your customer is reminded of you and your brand or product every time he passes your green business gift.