re you looking for an original promotional gift? Then green premiums are the perfect solution. Green premiums are always received with a smile. And, after all, that is why you give a gift. Regardless of the occasion, the gift is always intended to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. With a green premium we can guarantee smiles all round.

Not yet convinced? We have set out three reasons why you should choose a green premium.

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3 reasons for choosing green premiums:

  1. Green premiums are friendly
  2. Green premiums fit in with today’s world
  3. Green premiums attract attention to your brand or product for a long time


A gift is always a friendly gesture. But not every gift is equally well thought-out and personal. Certainly when it comes to promotional gifts, a gift tends to a little ‘standard’ because it is difficult to give every customer a personal gift. Green premiums are thoughtful and personal, but above all: green and therefore good for people, animals, nature and the environment.

Fits in with today’s world

Being green is part of the modern world. Growing our own vegetables, energy efficiency and organic meals are trendy these days. Society is becoming ever more green. Green premiums therefore fit in perfectly with today’s world.

Attention that lasts

When the seed is planted, the gift is not then immediately forgotten. The plant still, after all, has to make its appearance. In this way, the recipient will not quickly forget you.


You can use green premiums in various ways. A seed sachet in your mailing, for example. This gives a personal touch to your letter. The recipient will be pleasantly surprised with the gift contained within the envelope. But green premiums are also good ways for attracting attention at, for example, trade fairs, congresses, weddings and receptions. Green premiums will not be easily overlooked or forgotten. In this way, the focus is on your brand or product.