Green giving

These days sustainability, environmental friendliness and nature are important concerns. The electric car is becoming ever more popular, we want green energy and particularly cherish our countryside. In addition, we all want to live as healthily as possible. We want clean air as well as healthy and organic food. We would prefer to grow our own food to make sure it has not been tampered with.


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It is becoming increasingly important to think and behave in a green manner. A green giving is therefore the perfect gift, and any person would certainly be pleasantly surprised to receive such a gift. A green giving is a good idea because:

  • A green giving is friendly
  • A green giving fits in with today’s world
  •  A green giving holds the attention longer



A gift is always a friendly gesture. Also when it is a promotional gift. But promotional gifts can easily appear impersonal. It is also difficult to give every customer a personal gift. A green gift is thoughtful and much more personal than other promotional gifts. Due to its green character, it is an extra friendly gift. But at the same time, it is also a good way for promoting your brand or product.


Green giving fits in with today’s world

As we have already illustrated above, it is becoming increasingly important to have a green heart. Sustainability, nature, environmental friendliness; these are things that are very important to many people these days. With this gift, you respond perfectly to these concerns.

Hold the attention longer

With a green giving, for example a small plant, your product receives attention for longer. Whereas cigarette lighters quickly disappear in a trouser pocket, your green giving receives a prominent place on the table. In this way, the customer is constantly reminded of your brand or product. It will certainly not go unnoticed!


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